The Board of Trustees advises that Sean Hannan (Independent) and Phil Holden (GRNZ Appointee) have both resigned from the GAP Board. 

The Board is pleased to announce the following new Trustee appointments, effective 8 November 2017: ​Dave Macauley (GRNZ Appointee), Pam Madgwick & Julia Thomas.

To find out more about our new board members click here.


Lilo - Angels Come in Black –  A Dog’s Bottom


Sitting here with “Writer’s Block” led me to think, rather weirdly, about Lilo’s bottom. This is a fairly desperate state of affairs in terms of writing.


This week Lilo added to her Embarrassing Bodies portfolio.

Greyhounds as Pets (GAP) announced the successful placement of their 2,000th retired racing greyhound on Saturday, 7 October 2017. GAP reached this milestone within ten years of their first adoption processed in 2007.

Freda (Sedgebrook Freda), was the landmark 2,000th dog.   Freda has been welcomed into the family of Alison, Neil and Ben from Napier. “We had such a good time with this adoption, and it was perfectly evident that this was Freda’s forever family,” says GAP Rehoming Manager, Danielle Valentic.

Hi all, Petal and Blue here.

Just touching base to let you know how we are getting on as it is nearly up to October - don't know where time has gone.

Miss you all and we are sorry that we can't get events this year we are sure all our friends will step up to the play. Good luck with all those pats and cuddles and working on increasing our fan club.

The brand new 2018 GAP calendar has arrived and is in the shop for purchase now.

It's full of photos of gorgeous hounds who are now enjoying their retirement as much loved pets.

Hi all

We are now into July and settling into our new home and have met lots of new friends. Offering free pats and cuddles when required is a big job but we are coping. This is readily taken up by our neighbouring units as they miss their own dogs and we make a pretty good substitute and are happy to share the love.

The Chatham is a funny place to us greyhounds as there are no rabbits and hares on the islands so we are not sure what the do for entertainment when they want something to chase here.


Just when Lilo thought it was safe to lie on the sofa, it wasn’t.  Definitely not.

GAP put out a call to consider joining up for Canine Friends. Here was an opportunity to take Lilo visiting to spread her goodwill around people who live in, Rest Homes and/or Retirement Villages.

In June, Petal and Blue started a new adventure with a move to the Chatham Islands - we look forward to following them in their new part of the world.

We were off on our new adventure in early June. Our home was packed up around us, then we were bundled into a car a taken into Wellington. We were then taken to a very busy Wellington airport - quite a change from our quiet lifestyle block in Martinborough!

We are still miles off our fundraising target for the Entertainment Book.

If you had last year's book, it is about to expire, so here's your chance to get the new season's one. 20% of each sale helps us get more deserving greyhounds into forever homes.

Thanks for your help!

It's that time of year again!

We are now taking submissions for the 2018 GAP Calendar! 

All photos need to be at least 300dpi to be the best quality for printing - we have opened up for portrait pics as well as landscape this year! 

Please only send in calendar quality pictures - the hounds need to be in focus - not the background.


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