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Greyhounds have been historically bred to chase and catch smaller animals; while not all greyhounds will want to chase cats, we do expect to see a higher prevalence of this predatory behaviour in greyhounds compared to some other breeds of dog.  Although it is true that many dogs will chase cats, the difference with a greyhound is that they are far more likely to catch it - this is the danger when you can accelerate 0 to 70km per hour in six strides! Having said all that, there are many greyhounds living in harmony with their feline family members, but please be aware that it can take months to safely integrate a retired racing greyhound into a home with a cat, and you can find out what this involves here. If you have a cat and would like to proceed with an adoption please also be aware that due to a high demand and limited availability of retired racing greyhounds who can be trained to live with cats. We anticpate it may take 6 months or longer to find you a match. Thank you for your patience. 


The first step to finding your ideal companion is to complete the questionnaire below. If you have any troubles completing this form, please email .

We will be in touch within 48 hours of receiving your form. Please read the GAP Guide to learn more about caring for your greyhound. 


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Some properties, Body Corporates, and Landlords have restrictions on pet ownership. In addition, there are local bylaws that restrict the number of dogs allowed on any one property and this can differ among regional authorities.
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