Every year an estimated 600 - 800 Greyhounds leave the racing industry and begin their journey to becoming ready for pet life.  Greyhounds as Pets (GAP) is a registered rehoming charity, and our national rehoming team works carefully with each Greyhound in order to match them with their perfect new family.  This process can sometimes take six months or more, and require interventions such as physiotherapy, behavioural work, vet appointments, surgery and extended stays with a foster family or in a satellite kennel. 

Whilst we’re partially funded by Greyhound Racing New Zealand (GRNZ), and we receive an adoption fee for every Greyhound we rehome, we still need to find about $550 for every dog ourselves through our fundraising activity and charitable donations to keep our charity running. Your donation allows us to care for Greyhounds in foster homes, pay vet bills, provide training and behavioural consultations, and provide post adoption and lifetime support to our adopters. All of this is vital for each retired Greyhound to have a successful, happy, and healthy life as a pet. 

Your donation also keeps our passionate team members on the road and supports the operation of our critical systems, along with the general administrative and marketing costs of running our charity. GAP has 14 paid, part-time and full-time employees and a volunteer board of trustees.   We aim to rehome more dogs this year than ever before, but our operational costs are also increasing, and we (and our Greyhounds) desperately need your help to continue the work we do!

How can you help?

By joining Steadfast Friends, you are becoming part of a community who are passionate about giving a retired Greyhound the best journey possible from kennel to couch, ensuring they have everything they need along the way.   Helping a Greyhound into their retirement home is an invaluable gift, and for as little as the cost of a cup of coffee a week you can make a greyt impact on a hound’s life. 

Remember, as we’re a registered charity, you can claim 33.33 cents for every dollar you donate to us.

What will I receive when I become a Steadfast Friend?
If you choose to become a Steadfast Friend and sign up to the programme, you will receive a welcome email within 72 hours, followed by a limited-edition Steadfast Friends bumper sticker which will be posted to your physical address. If you wish to opt out of receiving the bumper sticker and donating the cost back to GAP, just let us know.  
You will receive quarterly updates from GAP to let you know exactly how your donations helped our Greyhounds, any special upcoming projects and other exciting updates.
What will my donation go towards?
Your donation supports retired racing Greyhounds on their journey from kennel to couch. This includes: veterinary appointments, behavioural consultations, physical therapy treatments, food, treats and gear for foster care, kennelling costs and fuel to travel to and from appointments and meet and greets with potential adoptees.
Can I claim tax back on my donation?
Yes! Your monthly or annual donations are eligible for a tax rebate of 33.3%
What if I want to change or cancel my donation?
You can let us know any changes you would like to make by emailing us on at any time.
How much should I give?
We ask that you choose a monthly donation amount that suits you, and that comfortably sustainable on an ongoing basis. Many of our Steadfast Friends choose to give around $20 a month, but the amount is entirely up to you
What if I want to donate on behalf of my business/organisation?
No worries! You can include your business/organisation’s name in the donation form, or send us an email at