Greyhound Behavioural Advice

Settling in - a video diary

During the 2020 COVID-19 Lockdown Bec fostered Coby and kept a video diary of his settling in. There are lots of tips here for new adopters, check it out here.

Training videos

Basic recall and getting to know each other - this is a great game to play with greyhounds of all ages and stages:

Familiarising your greyhound to face masks:


The links below provide useful information on training and behavioural topics:

Tips & Tricks Training Blog

#1 – First things First – In order to train your hound anything, first you need his attention and interest

#2 – Learning self control – This post follows on from last months and again requires the use of a marker word (yip,yes, etc) or a clicker.

#3 – Stop! – This command is useful in all aspects of your hound’s life. We started using it out walking to stop before we crossed the road…..

#4 – Stop! and moving on – This blog post is about teaching you, the human, to stop.

#5 – Sit – I have mixed views on ‘sitting’ greyhounds and I will explain why……

#6 – Furniture Ettiquette – There are mixed views out there on dogs being allowed on the human furniture….

#7 – Introductions – Whatever the age of your hound may be, he has been expected to cope with a lot in his time thus far..

#8 – The Silly Season – Dealing with the holidays.

#9 – After the Honeymoon – Most hounds adapt to pet life with ease but it is fair to say that there are usually a few minor hiccups along the way.

#10 – After the Honeymoon – Food & Lead manners – This blog carries on from last month’s ‘After the Honeymoon’.

#11 – Alpha Theory? – If you Google dog training you get over 57 million results!

#12 – At the park – Behaviour tips for at the dog park.

#13 – Hound Paraphernalia – If you have had your hound any length of time you will most likely have quite a few bits and bobs for him.

#14 – On Your Bed! – Your hounds bed needs to be its temple….


Top Tips for training with cats

The Victorian GAP programme has created a series of pamphlets giving behavioural advice on common topics. Click the links below to download the pdf.

Keeping Everyone Safe – Dogs & Children
Understanding Aggression
Toilet Training
Jumping Up
Adding a Baby to the Family
Pulling on the Lead

Thunderstorms & Fireworks


We are currently working on a number of short video clips explaining basic care. The first can be found below.


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