Please note that we currently do not require foster carers with cats as our cat trainable hounds are breaking land speed records racing into their forever homes!

Foster Care

If you are currently unable to adopt your own greyhound, here is your chance to play a vital part in helping a greyhound on their way into their forever home. Every now and again we have greyhounds who need a little extra help before being ready for adoption. This is where our foster carer team comes in! Our foster carers are our in home trainers who look after our greyhounds in their own homes and teach them all about pet life so they are ready to impress their new family when they are adopted.

If you are interested in becoming a foster carer, please in the first instance fill in the Online Foster Application Form and our Foster Co-ordinator will be in touch with a few more questions, to ensure your fencing is safe and secure and to learn about your skills and experience so that we can find the right greyhound for your foster home. Foster carers need to agree to our volunteer agreement and code of conduct. After that we are good to go, will set you up with the necessary training and resources to make your role a success and find that special short term friend for you.

Please see our frequently asked questions below and if you want to know more, please contact our Foster Co-ordinator.

Why are greyhounds placed in foster homes?

  • to give the dog time to adjust to pet life after living in racing kennels,

  • to gather information about a dog in a home environment,

  • to carry out behaviour modification or basic training, or

  • to be held in a home environment while awaiting adoption.

Can I foster if I have my own pets?

Yes, we will match an appropriate greyhound to your home life and any existing pets.  If you have an existing dog, we recommend that they meet the foster prior to your taking them home to ensure they get along. We will match you with a cat trainable greyhound if applicable and provide you with training resources.

Can I foster if I work full-time?

Yes, although you will need to ensure that you have sufficient time to integrate a greyhound into a home environment and to care for them. For almost all greyhounds this will be their first time in a home and they will need guidance to help settle in and to learn how to behave.

How long do greyhounds spend in foster care?

The typical foster stay is between two and four weeks, though this can be longer depending on the reason for fostering and your location to one of the three kennel bases located in Cambridge (Waikato), Levin (Kapiti Coast) or Rangiora (Canterbury).

What does GAP provide foster carers with?

  • A comprehensive guide on settling in a greyhound, including information on training and behaviour.

  • Nutrience dry food and any medication required for the foster period.

  • Carers are also provided, if required, with a crate, bed, collar, leash, muzzle and dog coat.

  • GAP covers all pre-approved medical expenses for foster dogs.

  • GAP foster carers report to their local Rehoming Team Lead who provide phone, email or text support. Behavioural advice can also be obtained from the Adoption, Aftercare, Training and Behaviour Consultant.

  • Foster carers connect with other carers for support, tips and to share success stories through access to the GAP Foster Carer Facebook group.

Can I adopt my foster greyhound?

Fostering is a little different to adoption. If you’re interested in adopting a dog, find out more here.

However, sometimes foster carers do fall in love with their foster greyhound and we are happy to proceed with an adoption, provided the dog is not reserved for someone else. The standard adoption fee still applies.

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