When you adopt a Greyhound you receive much more than just a dog.

Greyhounds as Pets (GAP) is a registered charity rehoming greyhounds that are no longer suitable for racing. With over 3000 completed adoptions being a testament to the success of our processes. Affectionate, gentle and intelligent, greyhounds make great pets for most households including those who live in smaller homes. 

All of our team are committed to matching you to the hound that is perfect for your family circumstances, whether it is the person you meet for the first time at an event or the rehoming team lead handing over your new dog.

Our greyhounds are carefully assessed and matched to their new owners - we act a bit like a dating agency. Our greyhounds also visit a vet for a health check, neutering and microchipping and we ensure that their vaccinations and council registrations are up to date.

There's Something Magical About Us Greyhounds

Retired greyhound, Treasure, from Greyhounds as Pets, introduces us to her adoption story and her new family and friends.