Adopting a dog

Congratulations on your decision to adopt a Greyhound. To get started, follow the steps below:

  • Complete the online adoption form 
  • One of our volunteers will arrange a home visit
  • We will find your ideal greyhound
  • Transport your new companion home


If your home has outdoor space it must be fully fenced with no gaps or breaks in it. The preferred height requirement is 1.5m and the fencing needs to be strong enough to withstand a hound's pushing or jumping on it. 

However, if your home (or parts of your fencing including gates) does not meet this particular requirement, or you live in a rural setting or in an apartment above the ground floor then please contact us directly via email to discuss whether or not your property would be suitable for a greyhound to live in before submitting your application to adopt. 

We are happy to provide you with advice and suggestions to help bring the fencing up to speed so we can process your application without delay.

Rental Properties

If you would like to apply to adopt a greyhound and you are living in a rental property please obtain written permission from your landlord prior to completing the application form.

Application form

The first step to finding your ideal companion is to complete an application form. You can either complete the form onlinedownload the form or we can send you one in the post. Forms should be returned to our National Application Coordinator – details are on the Team Page.

You should hear back from us within 24 hours. We’ll let you know we have received your application. Please read the GAP Guide to Adopting an Ex-racing Greyhound which can be viewed here: GAP Guide . Please have a read through this booklet as it will answer many of your questions about adopting a greyhound and settling them into your home.

Home visit

Next, one of our volunteers will be in touch to arrange a suitable time to come and see you. During their visit they will complete our standard questionnaire and check your fencing. Our volunteers are people who have adopted greyhounds and while they will try and answer your questions they may need to refer more complex queries to the kennel staff. Many of our volunteers will also bring their own greyhound with them for you to meet.

It is GAP policy to visit all prospective homes to ensure all our greyhounds have a safe, warm and comfortable home to go to and an owner who will love them regardless of any mistakes they may make and provide appropriate food and exercise for them.

We want you and your greyhound to be happy together! So if you have any concerns this is the best time to let us know.

Finding your ideal companion

With the information from your application form and the home visit questionnaire we can now set about finding your ideal companion. We find this objective approach works really well as when visiting the kennel prospective owners can often fall for the dog with the most appealing eyes! However if you do have another dog in the family then it’s a good idea for them to come and meet their future playmate. For many people this will not be practical and in this case giving us lots of information about your current pets will help enormously.

Depending on your situation we may have a selection of greyhounds available and ready to adopt, if your criteria are more demanding you may have to wait a little longer. Please note we do have a lot of applications from people with cats and while we do have greyhounds which will live happily with cats there is normally a short wait for them.

Finding the right greyhound for you is a two-way process. Our rehoming team leads will be looking for your ideal dog but, once you’ve had your home visit, you’re welcome to contact them directly if you’ve seen a dog you like on the website.


When you have found your chosen companion you can either pick up your greyhound from our kennels or if you live further away we can help arrange their transport to a location in your area. If one of our volunteers has helped with transporting your greyhound to your home we’d be grateful if you would help with their petrol costs.

Administration & Costs

On adoption you are required to sign our Adoption Agreement and pay a $380 adoption fee. This fee only partly defrays the costs of rehoming a greyhound – additional donations are always welcome!

Each greyhound will come with their Pet Passport which includes details of their vaccinations and de-sexing, their microchip certificate and dog registration tag. They will also have their training muzzle which we recommend you use in any new situation where you are unsure how your greyhound may react. You can buy everything else you will need from our online shop Greyt Stuff.

Last but not least – when your greyhound has settled in please let us know what they think to their new home and send us a photograph of them with their new family! Their previous owners love to see their photos on the We Found Homes page and many of our supporters follow the dogs as they go through the programme and enjoy reading their updates.

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