You were probably as frustrated last night when you heard about moving back up Covid-19 alert levels as we were. But here we are, we've been here before and we can do it again.

Greyt news! Our GAP Events Team is Getting Bigger with New Volunteers in Canterbury and Auckland.


We are so delighted to announce that joining Lance, Michelle and Ashley (our current ECs) are Danielle with Buddha, Julie with Lacy and Anthony with Henry, welcome to the team!

Who would have ever guessed the that adopted greyhounds and giant caterpillars would be such a fairytale match made in heaven?


It takes lots of practice to build a reliable recall and these are the foundations. Take your time and enjoy your dog!  

STEP ONE – making a specific word or noise meaningful for the dog  

Use something yummy like Possyum, Superior Chunky dog roll, roast chicken, cheese or sausages as treats for training. Recall isn’t often naturally exciting for dogs, but it is something that’s really important to us, so we want to pay the dog for their hard work and make it worth their while!  

Support GAP by going out, having fun and supporting local!

The new Entertainment Books are on sale and they are now valid for 12 months from date of purchase rather than a calendar year. The other big change is that they are now only available as an online subscription and app rather than a weighty book and can come with you wherever you go. The new multi city option is great value for money with access to all areas in New Zealand, Australia and Bali. Trans-Tasman Bubble, here we come!

We have a new team member! Suzanne joined our team in early May, but we kept her so busy, we haven't even had a chance to introduce her properly. As our Marketing and Communications Team Lead, Suzanne will oversee the marketing functions in GAP including our GAP shop. Here's a bit more about her in her own words:

Nutrition and Feeding

An average dog’s lifespan is 14 years so, if on average we’re talking 2 meals a day, that’s over 10,000 meals during it’s lifetime. That makes food choice for your hound a very important one.

Below are the building blocks of knowledge for you to consider when it comes to keeping your greyhounds happy and healthy through their diet. As always, research widely, but be a critical thinker….

Why is diet so important?

Below are some simple, practical, and preventative steps you can take to ensure your return to work or routine post lockdown is as smooth as possible for the hounds in your life, rather than distressing.


These are hard times. COVID-19 has driven our nation into lockdown, the economy is trembling, and the invisible hand of disease seems to be reaching for us through thin air. We never thought we’d see the day, but here we are – for the good of our team, volunteers and the public, our normal re-homing activities have now been suspended.


During the COVID-19 Lockdown in 2020 Bec fostered Coby the greyhound and put together a realtime video update of the settling in process along with some tips and training techniques. 

Below are the videos in order and we hope these help you with settling your new greyhound into your family.

Day 1-2 - Keeping it small to help settle from Day 1

Day 2 - starting basic attention


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