Checking in on some of our recent  adoptions to see how they are settling into their new lives...

Welcome Home, Bryton!

"Bryton has completely settled in now. It didn't take her long at all before she took over the house. She's so relaxed about things, it's a constant surprise. Even the fireworks...she lifted her head at the first couple, then went back to sleep.

Lisa Scott, GAP Event Coordinator for Wellington and the Hutt, visited the UK this year and had the pleasure of meeting cartoonist Richard Skipworth:

"In November this year I had the pleasure of meeting Richard Skipworth, cartoonist and creator of the Greyhound Glossary 1 and 2 and many other amazing work.

As I was travelling to the UK and am inherently quite cheeky I thought I would message him via Facebook to see if he was interested in providing a cartoon for auction to raise funds for Greyhounds as Pets New Zealand. And to my surprise and gratitude he said yes.

We want to give a huge shout out to our foster carers – those who supported us for years and our newcomers – who have taken our hounds into their homes and hearts to give them the best start to pet life. Loads of people answered our ad a few months ago and lots of them currently have a hound in their home.

Thank you for all yor photo submissions for our 2020 calendar!

Gorgeous and elegant, Fury (Deathstar) has made it on the cover this time! And here are the other 44 greyhounds that will keep you company throughout the year:

GAP is excited to introduce our latest member of the team. Nicky is our new National Events Coordinator who will continue the great work of Denis. She will coordinate GAP's event calendar nationally as well as guide and support our amazing team of volunteers nationwide who organise GAP walks and attend all sorts of events like A&P shows, pet expos and fundraisers throughout the year.

Have a greyhound-sized space in your home? But not in the position right now to adopt one (or another one ;)) permanently? Then here is your opportunity to become a GAP Foster Carer. We are looking for more Foster Carers all over New Zealand.

Hello friends. Greyhounds as Pets (GAP) would like to bring you up to date on some significant changes to our organisation. We have been working hard behind the scenes for a while and are now excited to turn the page to a new chapter in our story with an innovative operational partnership with Greyhound Racing New Zealand (GRNZ).

2019 GAP Calendar - Calling for Photo Submissions!

Hi all, it is that time of the year again and we are taking submissions for the 2020 GAP Calendar.

All photos need to be at least 300dpi (at least 1Mb or larger) to be the best quality for printing - we are again taking both portrait and landscape pics this year! They will be printed up to about A5 size.

Please only send in calendar quality pictures - the hounds need to be in focus - not the background.

GAP is excited to introduce our two new team members. Abbie and Rachel will be joining as Rehoming Team Leads in the Upper North Island and South Island. They both come with a wealth of knowledge and experience and we are looking forward to having them on board.

Abbie Douglas is our new Rehoming & Operations Team Lead – Upper North Island. You can contact her by email

Things are changing at GAP. Here is an update on what has been happening.


Saying goodbye to Annamarie and Jon at Hampton Downs


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