Finding Hope: Arthur and Katie's Story

Meet Katie and Arthur, a dynamic duo who have been inseparable since 2022. They first met at our very first adoption day in Auckland, and their story is a heartwarming testament to the transformative power of adoption. This is their journey, and it highlights how a greyhound can bring joy, companionship, and hope.

You too can experience this incredible bond. Join us for our upcoming Auckland Adoption Day on Saturday, 29th June, and discover the joy of welcoming a greyhound into your life.

"In 2022, I (Katie) was struggling deeply with my mental health. My psychologist suggested getting a dog, and I had always dreamed of having a greyhound. I joined the Auckland Greyhounds As Pets Facebook page and posted a question about greyhounds' compatibility with small dogs. The community's response was overwhelmingly positive, highlighting that each greyhound has unique needs.

About a month later, I attended an adoption day at the Auckland greyhound racing facility. That's where I met Arthur (formerly known as Colin). Arthur was so gentle, and we connected instantly. After completing the paperwork, Arthur and I embarked on our journey together.

In the first few weeks, Arthur was attached to my hip, coming everywhere with me. Integrating him into my pack of other dogs took some work, but eventually, he flopped on the floor with them, and we never looked back.

Arthur loves his walks, and after each one, he lies down and sucks his fluffy blanket. Initially, he didn't stop to sniff, but one day he started, and my dad proudly declared, "He's acting like a true dog now." Our favorite activity is joining the community greyhound walks. Arthur is happiest around other greyhounds, and his joy significantly lifts my mood.

In the future, I hope to become a foster parent for Greyhounds As Pets, helping other greyhounds find their forever homes.

Arthur is my world. He senses when I'm feeling down and will jump onto the couch to spend hours with me. His constant companionship keeps me going. He makes me feel alive when all I feel is emptiness. I owe my life to Arthur and to Greyhounds As Pets for bringing us together. Without them, I don't know where I'd be today."

Come along to our Auckland Adoption Day at the Dog Den Silverdale and you could meet your new best friend, just like Arthur and Katie! For more information about the adoption day click here

When: Saturday 19th June 10am - 4pm

Where: The Dog Den Silverdale (52 Small Road, Silverdale)

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