Settling In

Our expectations on pet dogs is huge and when you take your greyhound home, they have a lot of new things to learn just in your house. New people, new sights, smells and sounds and often other pets. This is a lot for a dog to learn about and often when they first arrive, they will be feeling very stressed and anxious so our first steps must be allowing them to settle in the home. It will take at least three days for your new greyhound’s stress levels to come back into normal ranges where they are able to process new things rather than just react to them.  

If we start adding new things and the dog is already in a stressed state, then they are far more likely to cause issues like freezing on walks and leash reactivity. These are preventable if we take it very slow and don’t rush into adding new things to process when the dog is not relaxed enough to do so. 

Check out Coby’s settling in videos for some great tips on the settling in process. 

We recommend the following for settling in success and setting you up to have the best relationship with your greyhound: 

  • No walks for at least 3 days 
  • Leave me alone when I am on my bed 
  • Not on the furniture for at least three weeks 
  • Build your relationship first – Play and training games 
  • Children – supervised interactions and at the greyhound’s pace 
  • Feed your greyhound alone and separate from other animals 
  • Keep me on lead – especially in unfenced areas