2020 – A Year to Remember


There is no easy way to describe 2020. It was a year of challenges and turmoil. Against that backdrop though, we also saw stories of resilience and hope. Whatever you may think about 2020, it certainly was a year to remember.

Greyhounds as Pets takes a look back at the things that stood out as high points for our organisation.


38 Dogs Placed in Homes Within 48 Hours for Lockdown

When the government announced a nationwide lockdown with only 48 hours notice, we realized the commercial kennels would not be able to operate. So, we put out an urgent call for volunteer foster carers and were inundated with people wanting to help

We asked for help and New Zealand came running.

Every single dog in our care was either adopted or placed in foster care before doors creaked closed for the level 4 lockdown. Every. Single. Dog.

This was a monumental undertaking for both our rehoming team and the amazing people who welcomed a greyhound into their home to shelter and learn how to be goodest boys and goodest girls.

This story was such a rare, positive moment during the early days of fear and uncertainty, that Stuff.com ran it as a headline national article.

Catch up on the Stuff article - https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/health/coronavirus/120643372/coronavirus-kiwis-find-lockdown-love-with-greyhounds


A New Look for Greyhounds as Pets

Greyhounds as Pets was very excited to unveil our new branding in 2020.

What we wanted was a 'home and hearth' approach. Something that would convey both the sophistication of the greyhound breed, the Greyhounds as Pets adoption programme and our unique aftercare programme, while still demonstrating a sense of warmth and fun. Of that indescribable, special feeling you get when you welcome a greyhound into your home and your heart.

Our new branding features a clean, stylish and timeless logo along with a new colour palette that alludes to class and sophistication, while still being warm, soft and inviting.

All this was thanks to the talent and philanthropy of our branding partners, the creative agency Ocular. Not only did the team at Ocular bring their energy and creative flair to the project - they also brought their big hearts and a wealth of generosity.

Ocular came forward to sponsor GAP and completed this entire project 100% pro bono. Greyhounds as Pets is immensely grateful to the whole team at Ocular for their kind-hearted sponsorship and care.

Catch up on our branding release - https://greyhoundsaspets.org.nz/blog/greyhounds-pets-gets-new-look

Learn more about Ocular – www.ocular.nz


New Promotional Video - "There's Something Magical About Us Greyhounds"

On the back of our new branding, we premiered a new promotional video, called “There’s Something Magical About Us Greyhounds” to tell the story of just how special retired greyhounds are. And who better to tell that story, than one of our re-homed greyhounds?

This short video is 'narrated' by Treasure, a retired greyhound recently rehomed by Greyhounds as Pets. Treasure tells us about her adoption story and introduces us to her new family and friends.

The video features three sets of volunteer hounds and families and a volunteer voice actor, Emmi O'Regan from the University of Canterbury Drama Society. Most of all, the filming, editing and production work was all completely sponsored by JustIn Yau of Yau Media, a video marketing agency in Christchurch. Justin, a greyhound owner himself, very generously agreed to put this video together for Greyhounds as Pets at no cost, and I'm sure you will agree that his work, along with the efforts of all of our wonderful video volunteers, is just amazing!

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhl_L9cSgoU

Learn more about Yau Media - www.yaumedia.co.nz



Turns out that people like to follow what we have to say. Greyhounds as Pets hit over 18,000 followers on Facebook in 2020. We’re guessing the cute photos of greyhounds might have something to do with it…

If you don’t follow us already, please do!



Record Adoption Numbers

Despite everything that COVID-19 and 2020 threw at us, Greyhounds as Pets still finished the year with a record number of adopted dogs! That’s correct. We placed more greyhounds in homes in 2020 than any other year in our history.

"A lot of people started looking onward to their own homes and found that they had a place in their own home and heart for a dog, and for a lot of people that dog was a greyhound" 2020 was a record breaking year for GAP, rehoming more Greyhounds than ever before.

Click here to hear our marketing and communications coordinator, Daniel, talk more about it in an interview with RNZ.  

349 dogs found there forever home last year. That is a 20% increase from 2019.

We also had record number of approved adoption applications with 570. That is a 40% increase from 2019!

"A lot of people started looking onward to their own homes and found that they had a place in their own home and heart for a dog, and for a lot of people that dog was a greyhound" 2020 was a record breaking year for GAP, rehoming more Greyhounds than ever before.

Ultimately, this is our number one, bestest highlight of 2020, because everything we do and everything we care about is finding families to welcome a greyhound into their heart and their home.

We know 2020 was a tough year, so thank you for helping to make it a great year for the magical dogs of Greyhounds as Pets!