Auckland owner, Nancy Grice, sent this endearing update on the "small horse" Frank.

In response to our recent survey on "How you heard about greyhounds?" we received this funny update on Smiler (Pango Will He) and his idyllic life with his pal Bree and humans Andrew and Marie.

"Our first contact with greyhounds was at an A&P show, I think it was Helensville.  Over the years we have had a number of dogs, an Old English Sheepdog which made the journey over from the UK with us in 1981, a German Shepherd and a number of Heinz 57's.

A group of us toodled off with our hounds to Whangamata on Saturday 5th October to be part of the annual Brits At The Beach Celebration. What a fantastic event€¦!

Many thanks to Jan and Tom for organising our site, setting up and looking after the day in general - and of course many thanks to those who took part€¦

Canteen race dog, Jackpot Jackie, went to her new home in the Waikato in February this year.  Her owner, Karyn Gardner is clearly smitten as she's since been joined by Kylie (Pint Star) from the Craik kennels. Jackie was trained by Gary Cleeve and her winnings went to support CanTeen New Zealand, an organisation supporting young people living with cancer. Karyn sent us this update on her hounds.

Last Saturday we loaded up the hounds, Priceless (Fancy Freda), Blondie (Fancy Kate) and of course Lola (Kinetic Flyer), and travelled to the Kapiti Coast to stay with our friends Clare and Matt and their hounds Zing (Thrilling Zing) and Gerry (unraced).

One of our amazing fosterers wrote to tell us why she fosters greyhounds and loves doing it.

I had to have my GSD/Collie Cross put to sleep in February of this year. I really missed having him around and was feeling very sad. I applied as a volunteer at Dogwatch in Christchurch but never heard from them.

I adopted Blue (Winsome Rite) in May this year, and the theory was to have an independent dog who could stay at home happily while we were all at work etc. However I managed to convince my boss to let me bring her in to work on the first day I had her€¦and we haven't looked back since. She has won the hearts of several people at work, and is well-behaved enough to avoid complaints from any who are not a fan of the situation. :-)  Each day she comes in and does her rounds greeting her favourite people.

We, Bernie (6) & Piper (10), have just successfully completed our Canine Good Citizen Foundation exam and have passed!! A good result for all other greyhounds out there.

Catherine & Chris have been our personal slaves & guides to get us through for a while.

Bernie (the brindle and white hound)  has been living contentedly here in the Wairarapa for  just over 2 years, Piper (the black hound) arriving to join him about 6 months ago.

I couldn't believe my ears when Janet suggested I pick out a pup with a view to racing it.  This was the first litter of greyhound pups I'd ever seen; they were 3 days old and looked like kittens.   Although it didn't take me long, I was quite deliberate as I reached over and selected 'my' pup!  He was immediately called Roddy with a view to naming him Black Rod after a very good horse my father trained.

Hi everyone!

Dunkley's Pet Expo in Hamilton took place last weekend. We had loads of hounds and owners come to help out on the stand - including some we hadn't seen for ages, and some who stayed well beyond their shifts!

There's something magical about spending time talking to people who love dogs, and who love greyhounds in particular. We answered lots of questions, handed out stacks of brochures,   and the hounds soaked up masses of love. Less than 24 hours after the Expo ended, we already have 2 new adoption applications!


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