Here's a lovely update on Sako and Skyla and the joy two hounds can bring!

After a lot of nagging and discussion we got Sako in March this year, we were very lucky with him as he was so placid and calm and he just did what was asked of him.

He was already under the impression that even looking at other animals smaller than him was not allowed and he still actively avoids looking at them, even our cat doesn't bother him.

Here's our latest update on the lovely Emmie (Living the Dream).
Hamish and I had a bit of a wait to find a suitable dog for us, as we both work fulltime and have three cats in a small villa on a typical steep Wellington section.  Luckily Emmie came along, and she has proven to be perfect.

Here's a lovely update from Bonnie (Yallah Rose), one of our gorgeous golden oldie hounds!

As many of you will know Greyhounds Can Sit and whilst a Greyhound Sit may be called a "Greyhound hover butt just above the ground" it's certainly a fun trick to teach your hound.  Tips on how to get your hound to sit are on an earlier blog called Upper Hutt CGC Week Two.  The most important of these tips according to the two hounds in my house is "use the tastiest, best smelling treat ever!", which in this house means chicken!

Sparky (Another Sparky) is featured above. Scroll down to view our gallery of sitting hounds for inspiration.

Is it just me or do you break into song every time you say Lola as well?

Here's another update on the gorgeous hound Lola (Kinetic Flyer) and her journey to becoming an assistance dog, from her foster Mum Becs.

Here's the lovely story of how Lilly(Tara Lilly) and Flyer (Yaldhurst Flyer) joined the Read Household

We collected Lilly from Auckland having  gone 17 years without pets due to travel commitments.  Lilly was understandably nervous during her 4 hour drive north but very  obedient during our rest stops. She woke us up the next morning at 6.30 am with a yawn & whimper (toilet request)  & then inspected some of the property on a lead.  Within 3 days she was running with us on the beach and I think,  was as concerned about us leaving her as we were about losing her.

Check out how well Jess (Okuku Star) is settling into her new home!

We have been lucky enough to be sent some background of Lola's Life Before Gap by her breeder Garrick McCarthy.  Thanks heaps Garrick.  It's awesome to hear more about Lola's life.


Pic 1, Lola saying 'Hello'. Pic 2, Lola has her head on her brother Blade (Decado)

Here's the latest on what the divine Dave has been up to in his first 6 months in his new home.

 Dave came to us to foster whilst looking for a permanent home, but he was such a good dog we couldn't bear to give him up.   We live right in the centre of Auckland and Dave has quickly become a truly urban hound and draws many admiring glances and pats around the cafes of Ponsonby.

Here's a lovely update we've been sent on the stunning Katie (Where's Sloy)


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