Training Tips and Tricks Part 8 - The Silly Season

With generally the busiest part of the year all but upon us I thought it important to highlight a few things to look out for and to help our hounds with the possible chaos around them.

Food glorious food

Mach, previously known as Yapper, was entered into GAP by Ray Adcock in June 2009 after a very respectable racing career. Originally from Australia, Mach won 20 and was placed in 49 of his 123 starts. Mach's owners Serena and Nigel Levy sent in their story.

In November 2009 my husband and I saw the GAP gazebo at the Canterbury A&P Show where we discovered that we didn't know a thing about greyhounds!

Quietly, off to one side,
I watch as my sleek
black and white hound
and ex-racer Krissy
flies flat out
sunlight bouncing
from her shiny back
all four legs a blur
tail whipping for balance
on the tight turns
as she strives for more pace

I smile as she sighs
rolls onto her back
under the windows
and roaches peacefully
still sound asleep

(Sheza Cool One was her racing name.
Her Father was Big Daddy Cool)

By J. Irvine

Training Tips and Tricks Part 7 - Introductions

Whatever the age of your hound may be, he has been expected to cope with a lot in his time thus far. Moving from a kennel environment to a home environment and all that comes with that. Below are some things that we can do to make our hounds journey and education a bit easier on him.

I thought I'd send you a quick email and give you an update on how things are going with Gina.

She is doing really really well. I have taken down the safety gate between our room and the lounge today that was the barrier between her and the cat. So far so good. From day one we haven't allowed her to go into Ollie's room, and so I think this should be an easy transition.

 Merlin is a very sweet, smart, and gentle doggy. He settled in really quickly, learned the house rules pretty much immediately and since then has been steadily becoming more affectionate and playful every week. When we first got him he was pretty laid back and happy to go along with whatever was happening but over time we have noticed that some of his personality quirks are coming out and he has bonded to the two of us quite strongly. I think it takes him a little time to become comfortable before he is willing to show his silly side and his affectionate side.

Benny's Angel won 11 of her 107 starts and was placed in another 27. Trained in Darfield she now lives in Bishopsdale with Anna and Chris and their young family. Anna writes:

Growing up I had always had a dog, however my husband hadn't.  So after 4 ½ years of fast talking he finally agreed that we could get a dog.  By this stage we had 2 small boys and I was NOT interested in getting a puppy, we wanted a dog that enjoyed a walk and would also be fine around children. I had heard about GAP so made some enquiries.

Harvey has been with us for four and a half months now but it feels like he has been here forever. He is a big, beautiful, smoochy boy who loves to be on the sofa with his head pressed against your leg. As I type this he is resting his head on my arm, which is making typing rather difficult! When out on walks Harvey will go out of his way to cuddle up to anyone who even looks like they want to say hello. With two greyhounds we are very well-known in the neighbourhood!

Rebecca and Blondie

Rebecca Conole has received so much great feedback from her training blog she has decided to offer personalised training sessions.

Everyone is unique and so are their dogs so these 'one to one' sessions will give people a chance to work with Rebecca on any problems they are experiencing or simply to improve their dog ownership skills.

Rebecca says she is very passionate about training greyhounds to be awesome pet companions and is keen to share the skills she has gained while training her own two hounds, Pricey and Blondie.

Maggie arrived in Blenheim about 2 months ago and time has just flown by!
She is all settled in now and I just cannot imagine life without her. She is
so beautiful and has such a nice gentle nature but can also be really

Maggie has made a few friends in the neighbourhood and loves having a run around with them, and people just love watching her run!