Nike has now been with us for 4 months. She is well and truly part of our family/pack. She settled in well and very quickly learned the routine here. She loves her morning walks and spends lots of time sniffing around bushes where other animals have been. Nike walks with me each morning and in the afternoon my son walks her. Nike can be a greedy-guts, she loves any table scraps, especially salmon (minus the bones of course).

Nike had a great Christmas, Santa brought her more squeaky toys and she had turkey, roast chicken and ham, she loved it.

Lilo really is quite an amazing creature. You will be interested to know that she loves going to the water twice a day. Each time without fail, she lies in it up to her neck, then flies out at great speed up and down the beach front.

She retrieves balls properly, dropping them for a treat!  Tears off to the water line (long way off), but always comes back.

Christmas is a great time for relaxing and catching up with family, but unfortunately for Wendal's family things didn't turn out as planned. On Monday his owner, John Etheridge, called asking if we could help find a temporary home for Wendal.  After hearing his story I assured him that I was confident someone would offer Wendal a home for a few months. Please read John's story below and if you can help please contact him directly.

Just thought I would send a quick update through about Gucci (formerly Mary). 

She is an absolute darling who has won the hearts of everyone in the family. She has quickly learnt the house rules and was a dream to toilet train as she is very clever.

She loves playing with her toys and can spend hours playing fetch with my nephews, who adore her. She is very tolerant and easy to handle (see picture in the reindeer antlers) and we get such enjoyment watching her discover new objects.

Training Tips and Tricks Part 8 - The Silly Season

With generally the busiest part of the year all but upon us I thought it important to highlight a few things to look out for and to help our hounds with the possible chaos around them.

Food glorious food

Mach, previously known as Yapper, was entered into GAP by Ray Adcock in June 2009 after a very respectable racing career. Originally from Australia, Mach won 20 and was placed in 49 of his 123 starts. Mach's owners Serena and Nigel Levy sent in their story.

In November 2009 my husband and I saw the GAP gazebo at the Canterbury A&P Show where we discovered that we didn't know a thing about greyhounds!

Quietly, off to one side,
I watch as my sleek
black and white hound
and ex-racer Krissy
flies flat out
sunlight bouncing
from her shiny back
all four legs a blur
tail whipping for balance
on the tight turns
as she strives for more pace

I smile as she sighs
rolls onto her back
under the windows
and roaches peacefully
still sound asleep

(Sheza Cool One was her racing name.
Her Father was Big Daddy Cool)

By J. Irvine

Training Tips and Tricks Part 7 - Introductions

Whatever the age of your hound may be, he has been expected to cope with a lot in his time thus far. Moving from a kennel environment to a home environment and all that comes with that. Below are some things that we can do to make our hounds journey and education a bit easier on him.

I thought I'd send you a quick email and give you an update on how things are going with Gina.

She is doing really really well. I have taken down the safety gate between our room and the lounge today that was the barrier between her and the cat. So far so good. From day one we haven't allowed her to go into Ollie's room, and so I think this should be an easy transition.

 Merlin is a very sweet, smart, and gentle doggy. He settled in really quickly, learned the house rules pretty much immediately and since then has been steadily becoming more affectionate and playful every week. When we first got him he was pretty laid back and happy to go along with whatever was happening but over time we have noticed that some of his personality quirks are coming out and he has bonded to the two of us quite strongly. I think it takes him a little time to become comfortable before he is willing to show his silly side and his affectionate side.


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