The GAP 2017 Calendar stars have been announced! See below for the hounds that made this years calendar. A very big thanks to all who submitted pictures for the calendar this year. They just get better and better!

A very special thanks again to Falyn Cranston for her expert work on the production of the calendar!

Cover: Asher (unraced)

Mr & Miss January: Frank (unraced) and Zola (Dolly Scramble)

Co-stars: Bella (Rhyme in Melody) | Ben (unraced) and Izzy (Imperative) | Blondie (Fancy Kate)

Miss February: Zola (Dolly Scramble)

Co-stars: Asher (unraced) and Beryl (Winsome Deluxe) | Brandy (Atomic Lass) |Cara (Leigh Serene)

Miss March: Emmie (Living The Dream)

Co-stars: Chesta (All In All) | Dino (Mr Chino) | Ella (Bond Eclipse)

Mr April: George (Chile Command)

Co-stars: Frank (unraced) | Goldie (Golden Elle) and Gracie (Gunpowder Gertie) |Gucci (Gucci Rush)

Mr May: Logan (Thrilling Logan)

Co-stars: Goldie (Golden Elle) | Jake (unraced) and Sophie | Jorge (Agent Jorge)

Miss June: Maggie (unraced)

Co-stars: Jake (unraced) | Josie (Funny Ha Ha) | Lily (Alamein Goldie)

Miss July: Nala (Surely You Jest

Co-stars: Liza (Lotus) | Maggie (unraced) | Maudie (Jackson Town)

Mr August: Ben (unraced)

Co-stars: Mynx (Whistling Mynx) | Oscar (Ohoka Blue) | Patrick (Fresh Prince)

Mr's September: Raro (Lochinvar Camaro) and Roy (Go Housie)

Co-stars: Piggles (unraced) | Poppy (Who You) | Sam (Lagoon Kootchy)

Mr October: Rufus (Radical Rufus)

Co-stars: Sharkie (Shark Bite) | Silver (Silvereen) resting on George (Chile Command) | Skip (Go With It)

Misses November : Skyla (Fair To Fine), Venus (unraced) and Polly (Flying Chameleon)

Co-stars: Solo (unraced) | Spar (unraced) | Tessa (unraced)

Mr December: Syrus (Bolt Rama)

Co-stars: Tui (Shirley Bassy) | Vulcan (Sunset Spock) and Raro (Lochinvar Camaro) | Cara (Leigh Serene)

Team 2018: Rufus (Radical Rufus), Harvey (Shadow Wolf), Emmie (Living The Dream) and Havoc (Thrilling Havoc)

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