Update on Gucci - (Gucci Rush)

Gucci - (Gucci Rush)

Gucci would have to be one of the most spoilt greyhounds around.

She has been with us for about 18 months now and has melted her way into the entire family's hearts.  She spends her day time at my Dads, following him round for pats or sleeping in the sun, and spends the evenings with me, playing with her toys or sleeping on her bed (She is taking her retirement very seriously by getting as much sleep as possible.)

She loves her daily walks making new friends at the dog parks or zooming around the farm chasing rabbits (luckily she is not fast enough to catch them).  She also enjoys catching up with all the other greyhounds at the monthly GAP run.

She is great with my nephews and spends hours following them around playing with them and their puppy Maggie.  Also spends hours staring out the window trying to spot the neighbours cats.

She has a cheeky side transporting things around the house, mainly soft toys or food, but I was not impressed when she moved her water bowl to her bed and spilt all the water all over the carpet.

Adopting Gucci is the best decision I ever made and I could not imagine life without her now.

Rachel Cunningham