Well at 5am  on  Friday the  7th  August , in the  pouring rain , the freezing cold  south westerly wind  and in the  pitch dark , I was in a paddock at Awahuri helping  one of my  older ewes Molly to bring Splish and  Splosh  her  twins into this world. Saw the little boy (Splosh) get a drink, and the little girl (Splish) was just starting to drink when I left. I go back out there 10.30am to just double check them and to check my other ewes and see if anymore had lambed. Splish the little girl isn't strong enough to stand and is totally wet and freezing :(.

Local greyhounds gather on masse to welcome Hairy Maclary and friends to Tauranga's Waterfront

There were amazing scenes, fun and unbridled joy on the faces of young and old last month over two consecutive weekends in Tauranga along the waterfront as the bronze Hairy Maclary statues were unveiled to the public.

BOP / Waikato greyhounds were out in force to join in the festivities and welcome the bronze boys to town. Local Bay of Plenty GAP correspondent and hound spokes canine 'Jake' filed this dispatch.

We begin with a touch of sadness as we had to say goodbye to our darling
Lace back in November.  She was a lovely girl and we miss her dearly.  Run
Free at the Rainbow Bridge sweet girl.

Tux took the loss badly so we made the decision to take on another hound.
Tux was really depressed and obviously so unhappy alone.  So into our lives
Came Mr Chino (now known as Dino).  What a character he is.

I've been away more than what could be called acceptable with my job, but it's a new job so saying no would probably not be a wise career move when one is still firmly in the three-month trial period. The thing is, when I go away neither Lucy or Wizard seem to miss me very much and the welcome home at the front door is more of a lazy stretch followed by a very obvious "well, we'd better start remembering the routine then€. On the other hand, on the rare occasions when the lovely and inimitable Mrs.

Sometimes it is just easier when you have extra paws in the classroom. Teaching genetics is always an interesting topic but even more so when it can be applied to a real situation. This was to illustrate selective breeding and pedigree charts. Cherry is rather proud of her racing stats and litter information, the students enjoyed trying to find out why if she is black and white why most of her puppies are black but there is one blue one. Blue didn't really care, he just did his thing (sleeping and accepting cuddles) while he was there.

If you have had your hound any length of time you will most likely have quite a few bits and bobs for him. With this months blog I'll take you through some of my favourite and not so favourite hound apparel.

21st June saw New Zealand hounds take part in the second global Great British Greyhound Walk. Last year, 133 hounds and their people organised seven walks across New Zealand - this year saw 320 hounds and sixteen walks (not including the two walks in Invercargill that were cancelled due to the weather).

There's nothing quite like a high five in the face from a roaching greyhound's hind leg to inform you in no uncertain terms that more room is required on the couch, please and thank you, would you mind just "bunching up€ a touch more? Then there's my personal favourite, the rolled up tongue in your ear at 6 in the morning, just to let you know that it might just about be time to get out of bed and do something constructive€¦I know, how about feeding and walking us!

Bay of Plenty Area Co-ordinator, Anne Betham, wrote in to tell us of this encounter with a greyhound lover.

Tauranga owner, Karen Shakes, was walking her hound Korda (Sands of Time) when a lady stopped her car and ran to catch up to them.  She explained that she was a volunteer at the Enliven Carruth Day Programme at the Bethlehem Community Church and had totally fallen in love with Korda.

Tip & Tricks 12 - The problem with dog parks

On leash and being difficult - off leash and in a dangerous position

Leash aggression can be portrayed in many ways and is often not actually aggression. There are many causes of dog issues at the end of a leash, overexcitement, being overwhelmed, lack of training and socialisation, and fear. Just to name a few.