GAP Calendar 2018 - Submissions are open!!

It's that time of year again!

We are now taking submissions for the 2018 GAP Calendar! 

All photos need to be at least 300dpi to be the best quality for printing - we have opened up for portrait pics as well as landscape this year! 

Please only send in calendar quality pictures - the hounds need to be in focus - not the background.

Please save each file with the dog's pet and racing names (or 'unraced') before sending it in - this makes them very easy to identify. In photos with more than one dog please identify which dog is which to save any embarrassing mistakes!

Email your entries to

Happy snapping!

We will give a few weeks notice of closing dates for submissions when we have determined a date.

By submitting your pictures you give Greyhounds as Pets full rights to use them. This may be for other promotional purposes other than the calendar.