Angles Come in Black - Madam Lilo - Basking in Artistic Glory

The Big Day finally arrived and Lilo put on her best collar and prepared to meet the crowds who had come to see Her Garden.

There were probably around 1,500 people who came from far and wide over the four days; some on foot, some in cars and some in coaches. Not just to see Lilo's garden, but sixty others as well.
Madam Lilo's spectacular offering was a show stopper. The guests would read her sign and go around the fence to view:

Gales of laughter could be heard and viewers would come out, telling everyone else within earshot to have a look. Madam Lilo had excavated two massive holes and artistically placed scatterings of red petals at the epicentre.

Madam Lilo had the grace to greet and escort guests to and fro. She smelled of various perfumes during the day as she received hundreds of strokes and pats from carefully creamed hands. Some even kissed her and told her how beautiful she was.

There was one moment that I could have done without. A man was standing at the edge of the pond, he was photographing the fish. Lilo decided to leave her artist's studio room and wander around the garden. The man unfortunately was wearing a short rain coat over summer shorts.
Lilo homed in on the hemline from behind and then proceeded to stick her long nose up the raincoat at the back. How the man did not fall into the pond I will never know. He did a kind of windmill dance at the edge and somehow saved himself. Lilo just sauntered past as if it was all nothing to do with her. I am ashamed to say I did the same.
Sometimes Madam Lilo could be viewed on her sofa, "Artist Languishing".

She did not mind all the people laughing at her as they walked past. In fact she was sound asleep most of the time.

Her calmness amongst the crowds was lovely to see, she was at home with them in the real artists marquee and in the garage which was full of English Classic motorcycles on display. She blended very well with the shiny black beauties.

(If there are any motorcycle fans reading this, Google "Just for Kicks" by Mike Sarne and enjoy! It depicts the wonderful 60s era of the ton-up boys and a great song of course).

Well it is time for Lilo to take a Christmas break. I hope that you have enjoyed her adventures as much as I have enjoyed recording them all. Some scary, some rude, some funny and some heart-warming but all have one thing in common; they demonstrate what truly diverse and marvellous dogs greyhounds are.

At the end of the year it is special to look back to the day we first picked Lilo up from Hampton Downs. To have watched her personality slowly unfurl and see her undoubted contentment and good health is an incredibly rewarding experience. It is one I am privileged to have had, thanks to Greyhounds as Pets and all the fantastic people who work tirelessly to re-home these magnificent animals.
Thank you very much.
Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year
Heather & Lilo