Being an Exhibitor in a National Festival is no mean feat.  Lilo practiced a little during the last festival but this year has honed her skills to awe-inspiring perfection. She is naturally exhausted from this considerable effort.

She likes to work when she is "hotted-up€.  Her best effort occurs when she has just come back from a long walk, had her dinner, feels a ripple of excitement - then WHAM OH - she sneaks out into the garden and creates her masterpiece.

Not only is her art jaw-dropping, but one never knows when one is going to come upon it. Part of her artistic talent is to partially hide it, even though it is enormous. For instance, one piece revealed the foundations of my house - I had never seen them before:

Another creation, small and cunning, yet packed such a visual and olfactory punch to wonderful silver pot plant. Look closely - yes, it is what you think it is, and no, it has not been photo-shopped - it was just as I found it, a little aged perhaps but just as Lilo left it.

Her unique creations have earned her the right to have her own segment of the garden. There will be a sign on the dividing screen which will say:

Lilo's Garden
I done it

It has been necessary to curb Lilo's enthusiasm by booby-trapping potential art spots with all sorts of deterrents. The booby-traps will be dismantled one minute before the first visitor arrives.

Members of GAP are invited to view Lilo's art in the garden, free of charge, during the festival - 17th to 20th November.

This year my garden features, apart from Lilo's Fine Art, beautiful art work by well respected artist Olivia Bezett. Olivia paints the most wonderful woodland animals and as my garden this year is all about English woodland creatures, we will be complimenting each other!

For the gentlemen there is a display of classic motorcycles which is something entirely different and very exciting. I am sure Lilo is planning to ride one to the beach.

Lilo celebrated her eleventh birthday today and is sporting a beautiful peacock collar which looks stunning on this Black Artistic Angel who has stolen my heart.

Heather & Lilo


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