Dave and his Sports hounds

I was just thinking, now don't get the wrong idea, it doesn't happen often.
A man at my time of life should have a sports car, so why have I recently bought a people mover instead?
7 seats when I only need 2 (one really, but don't tell anyone)
Actually a motorbike would do nicely.

" So why?" you ask, does a fifty odd (very odd some would say) year old man need a people mover.

For some reason he though he may get a dog, not just any dog, but a Husky.

Then his daughter said "Why not a Greyhound" so I thought long and hard, did a little research, as one does. and said to her "OK but has to be a big male and dark brindle"

2 weeks later Seal came available, almost as if it was ordained to be.

So Taranaki Anniversary weekend 2015 I headed to the Hauraki Plains to pick him up.

Whilst there I met his sisters and brother and some half brothers and sisters. His brother caught my eye and seemed to say take me too, however he was still racing.

So Seal and I headed back to the Naki and had six months of domestic life together driving around in my little Mitzi thinking maybe a little sports car for the 2 of us would be nice.

Then the trainer contacted me and said something along the lines of "Were you serious about taking Zedd?"
I thought real quick and said "yes"

Then I thought, 2 big hounds, small saloon car, no fit, sports car out the window.

So beginning of September School holidays, the day after their 3rd birthday Seal and I headed back to the Hauraki Plains, in a Honda Odyssey, to pick up his brother.

That is how a man at my time of life ended up with 2 sports hounds and no fecking sports car.

Dave Froom