Training Tips and Tricks -  Part 1 -  "First Things First" 

In order to train your hound anything you need his attention and interest.

This is one of the first things I did with my hounds. It is quick and fun plus it gets their brains working. This activity requires the use of a marker word (yip,yes, etc) or a clicker. Every time you say the word (click) you follow up with a treat - even if you stuff up the timing. Your hound will soon realise exactly what that word means - I got it right - payday!

Through our collaboration with GAP, Kotuku Foundation Assistance Animals Aotearoa (KFAAA) personnel have been immensely impressed with GAP's wonderfully diverse and dedicated community, united by the goal to realise all that is great about Greyhounds.

This fantastic tee shirt is now being auctioned as a fundraiser on Trade Me.

Front of tee shirt

This from the tee shirts designer:

In my Textiles Technology class last year, one of our assignments was to produce a design for a garment that promoted a business or organization. Our teacher told us that we should choose a topic that was close to our hearts to make the project genuine. I knew exactly what organization I was going to use - Greyhounds as Pets!

Back of tee shirt

It seems only fair that we (the blog updaters) put an update on our own dogs, so here is what the boys have been up to.

We (my sister and I) decided to adopt A greyhound, after a bit of research, viewing the Gap

Syd and the Couch

website and from visiting the Pet Expo at Upper Hutt (dropping by the GAP stand at least 3 times!).  After we were approved and before we  got our dog we went to a GAP run where the most common sentence was "they are collectable€ has since turned out never a truer word has been spoken.

We changed his name to Zouga - from a Wilbur Smith novel - it is the name of a swiftly flowing river. It didn't take him long at all to learn to respond to this. We live at Ohope Beach in the Eastern Bay of Plenty and every morning and evening we are walking on the sands. Zouga is a familiar sight in the community, always carrying his rubber bone on the homeward stretch.

My favourite toy is Monkey. Here is a picture of me; I love snuggling into my bed and falling asleep cuddling Monkey.

In bed with Monkey

My foster parents are landscaping our front section. They have done lots of digging which I wish I could help with, but my foster parents say I am not allowed to. Instead I like to lie on the dirt. I slowly go from being a white dog to a brown dog! 


Jake has been with us over two years now and what a perfect boy he is! We do loads of beach walks and runs in the park, FUN, and on Mondays we even meet up with a few hound friends and go walking up a big hill, usually there are around 5 dogs :-)!!

Recently Jake got a new brother! He is super excited about it now and happily stays at home with

Jake (brindle) and his new brother Zeke (black)

his new bud.  He never liked being alone so it has all gone down well.

My fiancé and I received Snozz at the beginning of January this year. We found that he had loads of personality from the moment we brought him home and we are still learning about his quirks.

sitting for dinner!

Hello, my name is Lily (Sweet Ways), and I'm a 2 year old black and white greyhound.  I have recently come through the wonderful GAP programme, via lovely Kaye in Cambridge and then gorgeous Ginney in Te Aroha, who was my foster Mum.

I have now been in Whangarei,  the winterless north for 2 months with my forever family and I'm doing more than ok.

We managed a good walk through the bush at Tunnel Gully, just north of Upper Hutt, and a play on the agility equipment before the weather closed in! Click an image below to view full size pics of Nick, Brenda, Bully and Jorja showing that greyhounds will give anything a go once!


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