Bindi has been with us for about 5 years now. She's got her place in the pack pretty well sorted. She loves getting about in the winter in her leopard skin coat for round town. She has some crazy animal hats and scarves that she gets around in sometimes too.

She started off with severe separation anxiety, biting and scratching doors. Now she is more chilled out, she loves her bean bags especially on the back deck in the sun. She is really friendly and sociable and has an 'aim to please' personality. She gets us out in the great outdoors heaps more than we otherwise would. Her racing antics at the beach bring gasps of awe!

She is a real conversation magnet. We go on doggy walking dates with her favourite friends, pugs Affie and Eddie. What a funny looking trio they make. She is a integral part of our familylife and lifestyle and we enjoy and love her for sure.


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