Snowflake is training to be a disability dog. She currently lives in Auckland with her foster carers Vicki and Simon who help her write her regular blog posts explaining what she's up to. Here is her third post!

I love my bed! Sometimes Ada likes to come and share my bed with me.

Two in the bed

Ada and I went to the French Markets with my foster parents. We were very good and waited patiently while my foster parents went and bought some brunch. When they came back, lots of people were waiting to see if they could meet us.

French Markets

This year we made our National Appeal even more exciting by giving the week a fashion theme! We were inspired by the Trussardi hounds and, as we know our owners love dressing their dogs up, we decided to run a fashion competition!

Hayley (Denniston Rose) models a patterned silk scarf

We've received some absolutely adorable photos which we can't resist sharing with you. The competition is still running, so if you're inspired then get your camera out and raid your wardrobe this weekend!

Well folks, we've survived another Art Deco weekend. As usual we took part in the Gatsby Picnic on Sunday afternoon and as usual it was an amazing way to pass the time on such a beautiful day.

This year, for us in particular, two things were different.

We took 4 Hounds with us!
It was the first solo event I've organised to raise funds and awareness for GAP.

This beautiful blue brindle bundle of bounce came into our lives in August after my partner Tom decided we should get a mate for our existing girl and wanted one this colour and female.  We were told to get a male mate as they got along better, but we have had no problems at all with these two. We have Beyoncé (the beautiful fawn in the picture above), so had to call her Rihanna. The delectable duo !

The Y Shape

We have now had Tessa (Jessie) for about 3 months, when we first got her we thought of her as a

Tired Tessa

gracious old lady, well she was 9 ½.  Little did we know once her personality came out just what a mischievous rather than gracious wee thing, she would turn out to be.

She was timid to begin with, but took a shine to our other dog Sasha (lab x, 4 ½) straight off.

My foster mum Bec dropped me off to live with my new whanau on 14 November 2013.  It was an

Me with Bec at my new 'forever' home. It has lots of space to run.

Just wanted to let you know how much we love our beautiful greyhound!

She has been with us now for 3 months and we can't imagine life without her.  The first couple of weeks she wore her 'tail thong' (tail wrapped tightly under bottom) but every day her tail seems to get higher and higher and her smile gets wider.

She discovered the beach over Xmas and while not too keen on the water loved having lots of 'zoomies' up and down the sand and showing off to everyone. Her recall is excellent, fuelled by plenty of treats in the early days of training.

Ada, my Husky friend, and I went on holiday for the Christmas and New Year period. We had a great time away staying with friends and family! We both wish you a happy New Year and hope that your Christmas and New Year were wonderful too!

Under the tree

Ada likes to go swimming. I like to paddle in our paddling pool at my foster parent's house. I thought I might give swimming a go. It turned out I was better at sinking than swimming. Just as well there was a trained life-guard on hand to rescue me!

Attempt to swim

First of all I would say that I was only ever incidental in the dog equation.  My Wife (Christine) and Son (Daniel) were completely responsible in acquiring a Greyhound, although I was present about 5 years ago when Daniel was only 8 or 9 insisted that we adopt a Greyhound. We had run into a couple at the pet store in Hamilton.

Skyla has been a absolute pleasure to have around the house and has fitted in far better than I

Sharing the Couch

Silver has been with us for six months now, and is completely one of the family. She has a very happy, affectionate nature, and always wants to be part of whatever's happening. She never tires of watching me in the garden and is my most constant companion of the three dogs. Her trainer

Silver at home

taught her to put her paws up on his shoulders for cuddles, and she delights in doing this with me.


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