Bay of Plenty Area Co-ordinator, Anne Betham, wrote in to tell us of this encounter with a greyhound lover.

Tauranga owner, Karen Shakes, was walking her hound Korda (Sands of Time) when a lady stopped her car and ran to catch up to them.  She explained that she was a volunteer at the Enliven Carruth Day Programme at the Bethlehem Community Church and had totally fallen in love with Korda.

She asked if Karen would be interested in taking him to visit some of the elderly who go there for the day. So this morning Karen, Korda and myself did just that and it was a big success.   Everyone loved making a fuss of him, including the staff, and wanted to know all about Greyhounds and the programme.   We promised to go back again and hopefully next time we can have a couple more hounds.

Here are a couple of photos from our visit. The lady in the Lazyboy is almost 100 years old and quite bright and perky, and the lady holding Korda is Lois, the volunteer who asked Karen to visit.

It's wonderful seeing the dogs give so much pleasure and a visit to the centre is fast becoming a regular spot on our calendar!

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