Behavioural advice

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The links below provide useful information on training and behavioural topics:

Tips & Tricks Training Blog

#1 – First things First – In order to train your hound anything, first you need his attention and interest

#2 – Learning self control – This post follows on from last months and again requires the use of a marker word (yip,yes, etc) or a clicker.

#3 – Stop! – This command is useful in all aspects of your hound’s life. We started using it out walking to stop before we crossed the road…..

#4 – Stop – and moving on – This blog post is about teaching you, the human, to stop.

#5 – Sit – I have mixed views on ‘sitting’ greyhounds and I will explain why……

#6 – Furniture Ettiquette – There are mixed views out there on dogs being allowed on the human furniture….

#7 – Introductions – Whatever the age of your hound may be, he has been expected to cope with a lot in his time thus far..

#8 – The Silly Season – Dealing with the holidays.

#9 – After the Honeymoon – Most hounds adapt to pet life with ease but it is fair to say that there are usually a few minor hiccups along the way.

#10 – After the Honeymoon – Food & Lead manners – This blog carries on from last month’s ‘After the Honeymoon’.

#11 – Alpha Theory? – If you Google dog training you get over 57 million results!

#12 – Let Sleeping hounds lie – Some dogs whimper or bark in their sleep, while some will sleep perfectly still

#13 – Hound Paraphernalia – If you have had your hound any length of time you will most likely have quite a few bits and bobs for him.

#14 – On Your Bed! – Your hounds bed needs to be its temple….

#15 – Crate Training – Tips for crate training your greyhound


Top Tips for Cat Training

The Victorian GAP programme has created a series of pamphlets giving behavioural advice on common topics. Click the links below to download the pdf.

Keeping Everyone Safe – Dogs & Children
Understanding Aggression
Toilet Training
Jumping Up
Adding a Baby to the Family
Pulling on the Lead

Thunderstorms & Fireworks


We are currently working on a number of short video clips explaining basic care. The first can be found below.

Fitting your greyhound’s muzzle and collar.

Choosing a good boarding kennel

Download our advice on what to look for when choosing a good boarding kennel.


Fireworks! Calming the fearful dog Our advice on how to keep your dog calm when your neighbours are celebrating fireworks night.

What is my greyhound trying tell me?  This article explains common dog behaviours using photos of greyhounds. Essential reading for first time owners and anyone interested in trying to fully understand their dog.

Can greyhounds swim? This article explores whether greyhounds can swim and, if they can, how best to teach them.

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