Here's an update from Ron and Sue about their lovely Lilley (Lively Spirit) of the Valley (Hutt Valley that is!)

It's now 5 months since we adopted Lilley.  Bringing her home in the car she had her nose out the window.  Once it was nice and cold she promptly stuck it in Ron's ear.  He reacted with a yelp which produced a grin from Lilley, showing her bottom front teeth.  It's now one of her favourite games to play in the car.  If Ron doesn't react then there's no grin.

  Milo (unraced) has joined the Greyhounds can sit in public brigade (pictured on the right getting lots of praise from Martin!). Woohoo! All the class greyhounds can now sit on command (most of the time! ;-) ).

It's an impressive sight to see the whole class sitting considering it's mostly greyhounds!  Mika our Dalmation friend is an awesome sitter!

Last weekend GAP Waikato had a stall at the Cambridge News Expo. This expo is arranged by the local community newspaper, and aims to showcase the organisations that are at work in the Waipa community.
We were thrilled to be invited to take part - and we're looking forward to seeing our picture in the News in the near future! Waipa has a fairly high profile in terms of racing, so the opportunity to promote the work GAP does was very welcome.

An animal-loving Wellington family have come up with a great idea to celebrate their children's birthdays and support GAP at the same time.

Jo & John along with their two girls share their home with the mega smooch Oscar (Unplugged) and like to help out GAP whenever they can.

Back in March, the girls, Susannah and Gabbie, had a combined 10th and 6th birthday party with 24 friends at Lotsa Follies in the Takapu Valley near Tawa.

You may remember a couple of weeks ago we were challenged to get our dogs to push a ball with their nose. (Not a CGC requirement but a fun activity to improve the bond between hound and human).  Tonight's it's Show time.

Carey and Chris Buck sent in an update on their two greyhounds proving greyhounds are collectable.

Albion (Pressure Point) has been with us for a year now and we have loved every minute. Leaving him at the kennels when we went on holiday was harder for us than him and he had a fab time.

He acquired a new housemate in November, Belle (Jetsun Belle) and is loving having a friend around.

What a wonderful way to end his looking for a home time at Kaiapoi. Cosmo has been to Animates Appeal day and then to a local Primary where the children presented a power point story about Greyhounds to ME! We had a great discussion and talked about some of the myths and facts and then had a cuddle.

They were very happy to also hear that Cosmo will very likely be in his new forever home very soon. And would you believe that with 50 children surrounding him, after a few minutes of smiling at and licking them, he fell asleep. Who doesn't love a dog like that?

Kylee Remington from Nelson has sent in this update on Jake (Spiral Ebony)

Our boy is fantastic! When we first got him he did some very funny things.  When he came home he thought he could walk through windows and he also jumped onto the coffee table and thought he was pretty cool. He then attempted the kitchen bench too!  These days he's not so adventurous.  He LOVES to sleep in odd positions, dream, dribble, eat and go for walkies and he always makes us laugh.


What a difference a week makes and actually doing some practice.

Sally Lees, our Wellington Area Coordinator, has sent us this update on her sweet as pie hound George!
George (Chile Command) joined our family on 19 December 2009, and we've done things and been places I'd never have imagined, and met wonderful people along the way.

We attend events so others can see how wonderful greyhounds are, including Animates Adoptions Days, fairs, the annual GAP street collection, and up to Napier for Art Deco weekend (twice!).


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