Upper Hutt CGC Week 4

The test for this week is "Can you still do well at CGC class without any practice during the week?€ It's been a crazy busy week in the Harris household so off to class we go pretty nervous at how we will go with no practice.  As we go through our usual drills of sit, stay, and walking to heel, it's pretty obvious that the answer is no, we won't go well without practice! Sam (Gridiron) bounces out of the stay in one second, saunters behind me again on the heel walking and going through the gate was a write off.

Taranaki supporter Kim Stevens donates promo doggie beds

For those who have participated in GAP promotional and fundraising events you will know that sooner or later our couch potato friends will want to have a lie down. Usually this is sooner rather than later. You may also know that sometimes it is a bit of a pain dragging doggie beds to and from events only for the next person rostered on to do the same thing.

Auckland GAP Run

One of the cool things about owning a greyhound is being able to tell people they are the second fastest land animal. The downside is that if you take them for a run with other dogs, it ends up being like playing touch against Richie McCaw. Even at a trot, our dog gets annoyed that those old Labradors just won't go faster. And that doesn't help make friends.

GAP runs are a chance to stretch out with your mates!

Hamilton Round the Lake Walk

What a great walk on Sunday! The t-shirts on us and vests on the dogs raised our visibility, and I think they also encouraged members of the public to approach us more than they would normally do. We had some good conversations, and may have a foster-care application coming our way! That was good work.

We also collected a few dollars in our tins.

Highlights definitely included the gentle Blue having a lie-down in the lake, and Lily managing to make almost all the way around the lake under her own steam. Way to go Lily!

Masterton A&P Show

The Masterton A&P show was over the weekend of the 16th & 17th of February. It was down on punters from last year but we got some quality interest over the show which was great. Plus lots of dog visitors including a Jack Russell puppy that was adorable. Not to mention awesome for the public to see the greyhounds being so chilled with the little tike.