Pat & Chat @ WHOA STUDIO!

Sun 07 Apr
4:00 pm
Whoa Studio!
8/14 Henderson Valley Road
Auckland 0612

Are you ready to meet your next best friend? Have you always wanted to know a bit more about greyhounds and what they are like as pets?  

Our wonderful GAP volunteers and their Houndys will be at Whoa! Studios on Sunday the 7th of April from 4 -7 pm. You can chat to our volunteers all about greyhound ownership while giving their gentle giants all of the pats.  

Make it a family outting and not only enjoy greyhound cuddles but also the magical WHOA playground and live music being put on by The Grounds (the restaurant there at the studios). 

We can't wait to see you there! 


If you are already a greyhound pawrent and would like to be a part of sharing the great word about greyhounds while your houndy gets all of the pats and attention that they deserve then put your paws up by filling out our quick and easy volunteer form.