July Community Walk - Auckland

Sun 21 Jul
10:30 am
Macleans Path
104 Macleans Road
Bucklands Beach

You and your houndy(s) are invited to join us for a very sceneic community walk on Macleans Path in East Auckland . This walk will kick off at 10:30 am and is 30 minute loop track. Please follow the link below to gauge if this walk is suitable for you and your houndy(s).


GAP walks are open to people of all ages with retired greyhounds no matter where they were adopted from. We welcome ALL sighthounds and other dogs from the same household and a special welcome for anyone considering adopting a greyhound. 

Our community walks are a great way for anyone interested in adopting a greyhound  to meet a houndy and chat to folks about greyhound ownership. 

We hope to see you there!