Sunday, December 10, 2017 - 9:00am

Our last GAP walk in Tauranga for 2017. As it was pretty hot this week (and although forecast for Sunday might be a bit rainy and therefore cooler) we do this one at 9am. Plus the walk is in the shade. To get there, go up Whakamarama Rd and turn right into Leyland Road. The parking area is pretty obvious and near the fork with Odey Road. This is a bush walk, so proper footwear and fitness would help. There is a short 20 min loop and a 1 hour loop. We have done the 1 hour loop before as a GAP walk but I am hoping having two options gives more people a change to attend. There is also a stream near the parking area so a chance for the hounds to cool down afterwards. So especially if you are doing the short loop bring a picnic blanket to wait for the others. We can go for coffee afterwards at the Black Sheep on Plummers Point Rd.

Venue Name: 
Puketoki Reserve
Venue Address: 
Leyland Road

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