Moana is sweet and friendly, and is an absolute favourite at the kennels. Her trainer says that she just wants to be a couch potato, and we are going to make sure she gets just that!

A very sweet and smoochy girl, Moana will always want to cuddle with you. She enjoys enrichment toys, and has taken a huge liking to peanut butter kongs. She enjoys her teddies - sometimes she de fluffs them...

Moana is well behaved in the kennels, and keeps her bedding perfectly clean and tidy, enjoys her walks and getting out and about. She can be bossy with other dogs and would defintely need to be an only dog.

We would love to see Moana on that forever couch before winter - get in touch if you think you might just be the one for her to cuddle with!

Racing Name:
Know Madam
Red Fawn
Cat Trainable: