Hello, I'm Wendell. I can be a bit of a worrier, as my expression suggests! I absolutely love people, I'm always super excited to see my foster mum when she gets up in the morning and when she gets home from work. I have a huge smile for her and my tail gets super-waggy!

I'm energetic but very gentle. When I go for walks I like to stay nice and close to my person and sometimes I will lean on your legs as we walk.

I am getting along really well with my foster sisters and learning a lot from them on how to be a pet. I don't mind being at home while you're at work, but I would be best with a dog-sibling to keep me company. If you have a dog-friendly office I'd really love to go with you! I would be very good and sleep all day under your desk, as long as we have had a little walk before we go.

Lisa says I am the bestest boy and I will find a home easily (she wanted to smuggle me home in the greyhound van with her!)  and these are some of the good things my foster mum says about me:

  • Able to be left alone for reasonably long periods while I am at work. He picks up my routines very easily and has no separation anxiety.
  • Does not get on furniture or beds.
  • Is not destructive, does not chew any household items left out. Would be tall enough to take things off my bench, but so far has not done this.
  • Does not bark when left alone.
  • Toileting - he can “hold on “overnight if he doesn’t choose to wee before bedtime. Will go out to toilet in the morning with encouragement. He knows the command “good boy” to do this.

I am living with my foster mum in Westport - please contact Lisa if you would like to meet me and she will arrange it!


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