Introducing the stunning Versace!

Versace is a strong-minded girl with a dash of stubbornness, but beneath that exterior lies a heart of gold waiting to be discovered. Initially shy when meeting new faces, she quickly warms up and reveals her true colors – a relaxed and people-focused companion who thrives on human connection.

At home, Versace is in her element, basking in the comfort of her own space. She's perfectly content to while away the hours with a snooze or two, granting her owners the freedom to go about their day without worry. However, when it's time for adventure, Versace is all in! She relishes her walks and the opportunity to explore new surroundings. Despite her strength, she boasts impeccable leash manners, making every outing a joyous experience.

And here's an intriguing tidbit – Versace seems to be Chicken Trainable! With her intelligence and willingness to learn, the possibilities are endless for this remarkable girl.

If you're ready to welcome a loyal and charming companion into your life, look no further than Versace. With her unique blend of strength, warmth, and a touch of sass, she's sure to bring joy and laughter to your home every day.

Racing Name:
Big Time Versace
Cat Trainable: