Meet Sully - a very enthusiastic boy who likes to give everyone plenty of kisses and cuddles. He eats food as if he has never been fed before and due to this he has to be fed using a slow feeder to slow him down a bit!.

Sully tolerates handling beautifully. He enjoys being around people and being kept stimulated, whether this is through exercise or brain games - he will do anything for food, which makes him very responsive to training!

When Sully sees someone he knows and they do not give him attention he cries until they come over to say hello.

Sully is currently in foster in Westport and his foster mum is happy to facilitate any meet and greets for people who would like to meet him. Here is a recent update from her:

  • Temperament - Affectionate and willing to please, confident and independent. Can be a little “pushy” but responds well to firm guidance and a gentle hand. Likes to be left alone when sleeping on his bed, especially in the evenings. He will come for a pat or cuddle when he is ready. Is enjoying his fluffy teddy bear.
  • Other Dogs- Lives with two mixed breed females who are of medium size and are more mature. Is very respectful and will give them space. Does enjoy a ball game in the yard and will play nicely. Has been walking with other hounds. Has been introduced to a smaller dog, and while not aggressive, tends to fixate and because of his size, may not be appropriate to live in a home with a smaller breed of dog.
  • Cats and other animals and children- He does not live with cats. When out walking on a lead, he has encountered some cats and doesn’t seem interested. He has been introduced to chickens while on a lead and with a muzzle while they are contained in a run. He did not pay too much attention to them. Has not yet been introduced to children, but I would expect that he would be ok to live with older children 10 years old and above who are calm and respectful of his space.
  • Lovely to walk on lead. Is used to walking with other dogs. Not yet comfortable on a long lead. Prefers to be close to his human on a walk, is not high energy. Will have a zoom around my yard for about five minutes and then falls asleep. Has been introduced to water at the estuary and had a paddle.
  • Travelling - Exceptional in the car. Very quiet, likes to put his nose outside the window and have a sniff. Will now get into the car on his own. If he hesitates, I will gently push his bottom and he will jump in. Will now get out of his own accord without prompting.  
  • Likes -   His food, Soft toys, Kisses on his head and stroking his ears, A nice comfy snuggly bed, Doggy company, Being given a gentle brush of his coat, His human
  • Dislikes – Any kind of spray, for example fly spray or cleaning products, Electric tooth brush, Being disturbed on his bed in the evenings
  • Positives -  Able to be left alone for reasonably long periods while I am at work, but he does have other doggy company.
  • Does not get on furniture or beds.
  • Is not destructive, does not chew any household items left out. Will occasionally take a cushion or pillow if accessible.
  • Does not bark or jump up.
  • Happy just to lay around on his bed, is not “in your face”
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