** Hamlet is in Christchurch until November 5th and would love a date with anyone who would like to meet him while he's here!

Hamlet is now in foster up in Nelson and this is the recent update from his fosterer:

The GGGW was fun -Hammie behaved very well with all the other houndies, actually he has behaved  with very good manners with ALL other dogs including the small white furry ones and with young pups who have been jumping up to lick his nose. He is such a star!

He has discovered the water on the beach is nice to paddle in but doesn’t taste too good and he loves being the centre of attention with children especially those that are old enough to want to pat him, we had about 10 children patting him yesterday and he just lapped up all the adoration. We are in Westport at present as have had work to attend to, he has just gone with the flow being in strange house and new environment, he enjoys having different adventures and adapts really easily, out of all the  hound fosters he is by far the most chilled doggo I have looked after.

We are working on  his recall and already he knows his name and mostly will come when asked which is remarkable for week 2 of pet life, also working on “wait, leave and no”  and as he wants to please his hooman I am sure all of those commands will be learnt quite quickly.

He is a confident and curious boy who so far shows no sign of separation anxiety, he still wants to know where I am but when he is bored watching me in the garden he heads inside to his bed.

We are friendly with every dog we have met on our walks but he is quite excitable with the small fluffy ones so that is work in progress.

He is interested and friendly with school children who stop and chat on their way to school, most of them want to know why he has a muzzle on, they think it’s funny when I tell them that he wears one so their lunch doesn’t get stolen by him

He sleeps through the night on his bed in the lounge but come 6 am he feels I should be up and about tending to his wants and needs- ie food and some zoomies on the lawn, loves a good zoomie but most of the time he is pretty chill.

All food is his favourite and he is not averse to helping himself given half a chance.I nearly lost a whole chicken in a moments in attention- he assumed it was his dinner and that life was pretty good in this house, managed to retrieve it in the nick of time .

Hamlet is a very handsome black boy with his friendly nature and energetic and exuberant side he is big bundle of love.  He trots along nicely on a loose lead and  takes food treats from his handler.

A very laid back and chilled out gentleman he takes everything is his stride with ease and wants to please, a real charmer and will do well in a home with adults.

He is super cuddly and loves his toys and engaging with some playtime fun as he runs around with his four white tipped feet, a real smoocher and snuggle boy he will melt anyone's heart.


Racing Name:
Upstart Crow
Cat Trainable: