Albie is a special young man - he is vision impaired but this does not stop him one bit from exploring his world! He walks on lead and likes to use his nose and take you into his world, who doesn’t love a good sniffari!! This does mean he does a bit of weaving back and forth as he follows the exciting smells the world has to offer him. 

At first, he can be a shy guy but once he gets to know you he’s awesome, friendly, playful and affectionate. He needs to learn he can trust you to keep him safe. Do you have the time and dedication to help Albie out into this new world, and provide him with the safe space to grow into his retirement??

Albie knows his name and comes when called. He is a tidy man who likes to keep his spaces clean and clear of too many obstacles. 

His world will need to expand slowly and steadily with people he can trust and use as his safety. He is not a fan of big social spaces or meeting too many people at once. He would suit a household with just a couple of people and a quiet lifestyle. Gentle hikes in some green spaces or along a quiet beach. 

Albie would love to find his people, and once he has, he will love them and dedicate himself to them. 

Racing Name:
Paradox Prince
Palmerston North
Cat Trainable: