Introducing the heart-melting Jess!

Jess is a young girl with a personality that shines as bright as the sun. Gentle and reserved yet bursting with goofiness, she'll win you over with her charming antics and endearing lack of personal space boundaries. She's been in a foster home for a couple months now, learning the art of being a pet, and is ready to find her furever home!

At a mere three years old, Jess is still discovering the wonders of life and the world around her. She's seeking guidance to help her gain the confidence she needs to blossom into her full potential. Currently, she's mastering the joys of car rides and is making strides every day.

When Jess greets you, be prepared for her stunning smile, complete with a few teeth hanging out – a quirky trait that never fails to bring a smile to her foster parents' faces. Despite her goofiness, she's got excellent leash manners and is a joy to walk alongside.

While she may be a tad hesitant when meeting new people in her home, Jess is steadily improving with time and patience. She's a work in progress, but aren't we all?

This goofy girl thrives in a quieter environment with adults who appreciate her unique charm. And perhaps, another Greyhound companion to show her the ropes of being a human's best friend wouldn't hurt either.

If you're ready to open your heart and home to a loving, playful, and endlessly entertaining companion, Jess is ready to steal your heart and fill your days with laughter and love. Are you up for the adventure?

Racing Name:
Alpha Jess
Cat Trainable: