Update from Blacky's fosterers

Blacky is an awesome dude. He has such a lovely nature and is enjoying pet life as a foster hound with two other greyhounds. He is fully house trained and keeps progressing and surprising his foster humans with each new milestone. He recently went on his first group walk!

Blacky will need a quiet home, as lots of things still seem scary to him. He will also need someone with patience, as it can take a while to gain his trust. Once he trusts you, you'll get to experience all his fun quirks, like how he stretches and groans when getting a belly rub.

Blacky is used to having two greyhounds for company while his foster humans are at work. So, he would be best suited either to a home that already has a dog, or he could be a great companion for someone who works from home, or a retiree.

Blacky is a smart young boy, and we think he has potential to be good at agility training - while his foster siblings run around logs, Blacky jumps over them! He has the bounciest run and gets in a silly, playful mood when his foster humans come home from work - greeting them at the gate, then doing bouncy zoomies around the yard.

Blacky is an easy-going boy. He likes to be part of the action when it's time for walks, otherwise he's happy to chill out in a quiet place. After three weeks with us, he is starting to get more confident and playful, but he is still cautious about lots of things. Once he's comfortable with you, he will stretch and groan as you pat him, and may even roll over into a roach. Blacky will need lots of encouragement as he adjusts to pet life, but we think he has shown that he is a fast learner and is ready to find his forever home. 

Blacky is a very handsome big black boy but an absolute gentle giant and such a sweet soul.  He is friendly with a bit of shyness initially but warms up quickly.

He walks beautifully on a loose lead but will need someone willing to work on his sudden bursts of enthusiasm and excitement however he does quickly settle down again and responds well to cues from his handler.

Just a real loveable dog with a gentle and soft nature and with some encouragement and patience he will find his confidence and grow and develop his personality as he has loads of affection and love to offer.

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