Briley is looking for another home, as his first one did not work out, due to no fault of his own. When he was foster this is what his foster parents wrote after his first night with them:

My partner Ben and I just started on our foster journey yesterday and safe to say was one of the most exciting moments ever and we are already completely besotted with Briley, who is the most animated snuggly wee character. He does the cutest little dance up to you and is so quick to trust and feel comfortable. Safe to say I think he’s ruined expectations of future fosters for us by transitioning in as if he’s always lived here, with a super easy first night together too! Such a good boy and we feel very privileged to introduce this guy to the cushy home life he deserves, his favourite things are checking himself out in the mirror, “helping” Ben in the kitchen, and giving lots of kisses.

A very affectionate and friendly boy who is always very excited and happy to see new people with his waggy tail and enthusiastic smiley face.

Briley has energy so would do well with a relatively active family where he can get out for his daily walks and explore and have some fun, he likes to engage in play with his handler.

All in all a very handsome, gorgeous dog who is looking for somewhere to call his forever home and he will offer endless cuddles and snuggles as he has a huge heart with loads of love to give.

Racing Name:
Bushvale Briley
Cat Trainable: