Skye has come back to us to find another home and she is the most delightful, friendly and affectionate girl and loves cuddles and pats and is good around children and other dogs.  

She is super goofy, playful and so incredibly affectionate so she is going to be the joy in some peoples very lucky lives as she offers endless unconditonal love and loyalty.

Skye is now in foster and doing amazingly well, she is a very loving and affectionate girl and has a very optimistic view on life that is apparently very uplifting and contagious.

Skye is a happy extrovert girl who enjoys meeting new people.  She is very confident around people and she wants to play with every other dog she meets.  She can be vocal when meeting new dogs, but this is just her desire to play and stops once she is properly introduced.  Skye walks well on a loose lead and is attentive to her handler.

Skye is a lovely, calm chocolate girl, she is very chilled and easy going and relaxes easily around people for pats and cuddles.

She walks lovely on a loose lead and loves been showered with love and affection but also would do well spending time without company, a very adaptable dog and can enjoy some playtime with her humans as well.

Racing Name:
Little Kid
Cat Trainable: