Comments from Yarni's foster mum: 

Yarni is a very sweet, quiet, intelligent,  sensitive girl who is a delight to have around.  She is getting more confident each day going out for walks and loves meandering along sniffing all the lovely doggy smells. She is a little unsure of strange loud noises but as she experiences them more often is less startled.  She definitely has no bite or snap in her, she is an absolute sweetheart.  She has a very playful side to her and loves running around with me and playing with toys.  She has been introduced when out walking to a variety of other dogs and she remains calm and interested in them.  She is lovely with children and I feel very confident she would never bite.  The only one negative I have discovered in her is that she loves to dig holes in the garden.....  just the one spot, and every day I fill it in and she then redigs a big hole and lies in it. She is quite sensitive and I feel she wouldn't cope very well with or loud voices etc.

She is an absolute sweetheart and will fit into a loving, affectionate home beautifully.

Yarni is a lovely, friendly, affectionate girl and enjoys having the lavish of lots of pats and cuddles from her handler, a little more hesitant with personal play but her confidence will grow as she forms a bond with someone she learns to be comfortable around.  She likes some nibbles on a treat and will happily sniff around her environment but prefers her connection with people and soaking up all the love and attention.

Racing Name:
Yanira Bale
Cat Trainable: