Updated Bio from Chris's fosterer

Chris is a curious and confident big pup that doesn’t always realise his size. 

He is a fast learner and has excellent manners around people and other dogs.  

He can be nervous around noisy children and boisterous around small dogs but is never aggressive towards them.

He is still learning the difference between toys and beds and loves discovering new things about pet life each day.

He will make a wonderful pet for first time greyhound/ dog owners.

Chris is really starting to come alot more relaxed about life and is very friendly and confident around his handlers and new people, he likes making friends with new dogs and enjoys sniffing around new environments to check out the lay of the land, a real delight to interact with and give lots of pats and admire him as he effortlessly cruises around on his lovely large slender frame !

He has loads of enthusiasm about activities that he enjoys and is eager to learn and is most definitley trainable and already has a trick or two up his sleeve.

Chris is a bit goofy at times, at just 2 years of age he has no idea of his size, everything distracts him, he loves to investigate with his extremey inquisitive nature and he is a whole heap of FUN to play engaging games with. He loves other dogs, has no sense of personal space and plays with any sized dog the same!  Still learning about toys, he knows all about food treats, and its a great way to get his sometimes limited attention.  A super cool boy that likes to fit in and be a part of the family !

Racing Name:
White and black
Cat Trainable: