Jackie has quickly settled into pet life. Quickly learning the crate is her safe space and how to settle on her bed, even if she thinks this is a game. She will be easy to train, especially if treats are on offer. She has a special talent, with a tail that not only wags side to side, but in circles. The more excited she gets, the faster, and more wild her tail gets. Her tail goes so fast, it's surprising she hasn't taken flight. Add the tail to her butt jumping, this is maximum Jackie excitement level. You really have to see it to believe her skills! Jackie has a serious case of FOMO. If you say her name, say any name, or just look in her direction she thinks this is an invitation for her to join in what you are doing. She will happily play by herself, anything soft and can be thrown in the air are the best! But her preference is to play with her human, anytime is play time to Jackie, even bed time. It has taken a little while to learn the house rules and that she is not the top dog. Things have settled and will happily play (most of the time) with her foster brother. She is learning to share and will often spoil a game when she runs off to her crate with the toy. Her persistence to come and give you non stop cuddles is just a ploy to get you to give her scratches. When you think you have finished, you quickly learn she hasn't. She will bury her head further into you, to give herself maximum lean and offer up her favourite scratch places. Jackie is definitely a winner both on & off the track.

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