Recent Foster update: Penelope loves her morning zoomies first thing when she goes outside! She now gets very excited over meal times, she loves her food. She loves to play with toys but doesn’t destroy anything and has started carrying them around with her.  She is very calm and chill most of the day and you’ll find her upside down more often than not. She has little bursts of energy but likes her own space on the bed in the corner, she does seek attention at times and she would love to be snuggled next to you on the couch if she had the opportunity (which she has a couple of times…. ooops).  

Hi, I'm Penelope.

You could call me a real homebody or a couch potato, which ever word best describes my love for the indoors and my sleeping on any cushioned surface I can find!  

I'm currently being fostered with 2 other Greyhounds who I take confidence and cues from. As a chill, laid back girl I can get along with most dogs and I’ve loved having them to keep my company during the day.  

Adjusting to pet life can be overwhelming, but my personality is really shining through! I’m what they call an introverted extrovert. I can be quite shy while getting to know you, but once I’m comfortable, my cheekiness and affectionate nature truly blooms.  

Okay, I’ll admit I do like going for short walks, but only if we can come home and relax for the rest of the day! I’ve also been enjoying going to daycare once a week which is pretty cool. Because I’m used to this routine with my foster home, a quieter home would be best for me. 

Racing Name:
Lonely Baxter
Cat Trainable: