Buddy is 6 years young, active and excitable he likes car rides and going exploring on walks.His foster mum describes him as the perfect dog He's the perfect balance of affectionate and independent..He hasn't made a sound since he arrived. He's happy being by himself so will suit people who work away from home. No accidents at home so far and he doesn't chew anything he shouldn't. Loves food. No interest in toys but very playful in the back yard. Loves walks and great on the lead so would also suit an older person. He's ok with short walks, He responds to his name and comes when you call him. He goes in the crate by himself and hangs there with the door open. We can leave the room and he stays put. Doesn't seem to mind loud noises. Buddy needs a firm and confident owner who will give him routine and boundaries, otherwise he is tempted too take charge. He requires supervision around small dogs as he adjusts to pet life. Buddy has an historical injury to his right wrist, it does not cause him any pain and he is not lame. Vets advice is he may develop arthritis in the future and a joint supplement is recommended.

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This dog is currently in foster care