Mia has just turned 2 years and is learning about life in a foster home.  She is a lovely dog and any family will be lucky to have her! She is developing into an awesome dog. Still learning what is acceptable to chew (sunglasses most recent victim) but when you tell her no, she doesn't often go back for a 2nd go, so is learning. She enjoys playing with toys, but only on her terms.  She loves to play with her foster dog brother and will happily instigate the play. She is not too bad on recall around home, and has been getting better with the wait command. Very social and loves all people (so far) and no issues with other dogs on walks. Was interested in a cat, watched it, no chasing. Dream to walk with.She thinks she is a lap dog and is super cuddly and loves to come in for a cuddle. She can be a bit sassy at times, especially if something isn't going her way. She has been great at sharing with her foster brother. There hasn't been any evidence of guarding her food or toys. She is definitely learning 'how to dog' from Shadow, he hasn't lead her astray too much . Where one dog goes the other must follow to support, they are great friends.Great in the crate, the odd whine, but overall just chills.My favourite bit about Mia is her excitability. She gets excited at everything & I describe her excitement to that of a baby new-born giraffe. 

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This dog is currently in foster care