Bill is a cuddly hound who has found himself back with us and looking for a new forever home, as his family have moved overseas.

His previous owner has this to say about Bill:

Bill as an easy-going dog that is low maintenance. All he wants is a short walk 4-5 times a week (1km tops) and a safe secure place within the house that he understands is his area. This area can be a crate or a pile of blankets or a mattress. Preferably he would like his area to be somewhere central where he can be apart of the family and see what is going on.

I wouldn't call Bill a fussy eater - but at the same time he sometimes needs encouragement. Once happy he will eat freely.

Bill is a definitely a 'pack animal' and will look to find who the alfa male is and enjoys trying to get on the alfa male's bed. I would encourage the new owner to not let Bill 'rule the roost' as he gets too confident.

When walking he needs to be kept on a lead as he will chase cats or other little furry things. Bill is kind hearted but still has the instinct to chase.

Bill would make the perfect addition to a mature family or couple who want some company in the house. He is happy around children (I have twin boys).

All in all he is a great dog who will bring great companionship and enjoyment to any family.


Racing Name:
Tap Out Bill
Cat Trainable: