Meet our Big Friendly Giant - Jet. He's a big affectionate smoocher lapping up the TLC at foster. 

He's currently in foster with a female greyhound helping him figure this whole 'pet life' thing out. We think he'd be happiest in a home with canine company. 

Here's an update from his foster family: 

He has settled so quickly, he has already discovered he likes his comforts and thinks he is a lap dog.  He loves nothing more than cuddles and falling asleep in our laps. He has been pacing a little but settles quickly if we all sit down.  Slept all through the night last night and no accidents inside as yet. He learns super quick too, just the basics around food and waiting so far but tries hard.  I will keep it up and hopefully we can get this even better. 

He has been good for Poppy, she is relaxing a little bit more and she seems to enjoy having company. He is such a sweet cuddly dog and will be an amazing pet for someone. It will be hard to let him go.

Racing Name:
My Bro Jet
North Shore City
Cat Trainable: