Tui is currently learning some extra life skills in foster and doing superbly, just read for yourself: 

The adorable Tui:

Tui is a super affectionate dude who LOVES people, he wants to be everyone's friend. 

He's seriously enthusiastic about all things in life and his joy is contagious, guaranteed to make you smile.

Happy to meet all doggos we encounter on our walks, and likes to introduce himself to their owners too. He's slowly learning how other dogs play, but definitely prefers zoomies with another hound.

He does the most adorable little happy dance after he pees, makes us laugh every time. 

He is a bit clueless when it comes to spatial awareness and appears to have no appreciation of his size which can make him a trip hazard. He does a great job of blocking a hallway, particularly if you're carrying a large basket of laundry.

Tui would be happiest in a busy home with plenty of humans to soak up all the love he has to give. Possibly not very small children or toddlers at risk of being knocked over in his excitement. 

He's happy being walked once a day, but would never turn you down for a 2nd or 3rd, even in torrential rain. 

Tenacious Tui is a gregarious confident chap looking for a dog experienced home to introduce him to pet life. We think he'd like a home where he'll have human company much of the time and ideally another dog. Tui would thrive in a home who will build a relationship with him through fun training games. 

If you're cool, calm, and collected he'll be a dream and sit back and enjoy the ride - but he's no pushover and if he doesn't think you've got things under control he'll step up and make his own choices.

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