Rosie is looking for a super special and understanding home.

Rosie came into the programe from a large racing kennel base . She has been in 3 homes and struggled to settle in. Her first trial adoption failed as she barked constantly. Her second home failed as she took a strong disliking to their adult son, and the third home advised us that she did not do anything wrong but their current greyhound didnt like Rosie. Rosie is also profoundly deaf.

BUT we have not given up on Rosie! she is currently with a super experienced fosterer and we are finding all that makes Rosie good, and understanding her needs better. She is a super affectionate girl and strong willed, she has already broken the no dogs on the bed rule in her foster home seeking affection.. She is learning hand signals for stopping (strong solid hold on the lead) and crossing the road (two short tugs) and getting her to walk on my left side - as she zig zags given the option. .She sleeps very soundly at all times and so it is important for any handler to understand the need to stomp your feet when you want to approach her - for this reason a home with only older children or adults-only would be best. She has been left alone for periods of time up to 6.5 hours with no signs of barking or distress.  She has had visits to Raw Essentials, Animates and the beach.  She is afraid of the waves at the beach.  She will happily approach dogs of all sizes and is exuberant in doing so and has enjoyed playdates with other hounds.  But she misses the low warning growls of dogs that are not interested thanks to her deafness.  So a handler should be prepared to be Rosie's ears at all times, she can be startled by things like kids on scooters coming up behind her. Rosie is very strong on lead and is not cat, duck, bird or rabbit friendly, all of these things excite her greatly. She would do best in a home with another dog, - that dog could be both her playmate and her mentor.  



Racing Name:
Bigtime Rosie
Cat Trainable:
This dog is currently in foster care